2006 Grant Recipients

Belmont Community Health Center, Inc. for their “Southeast Roanoke Healthcare Interventions” project. The $30,000 grant will focus on providing healthcare services directly to the medically underserved population of the Southeast Roanoke community, to include: an Immunization Drive, Head Start Preschool Physicals and Immunization Clinics, Adolescent Youth Immunization and Health Screening Program. The Center has determined that, in order to meet the immediate needs of the community, it is important to develop a package of programs that will intervene and address known healthcare problems as an intermediate step toward the development of a full-service community health center in Southeast Roanoke. The grant will cover expenses related to the purchase of vaccines and other medical supplies needed to conduct immunizations, physicals and health screenings, payment of stipends to medical professionals, expenses associated with dental care as well as the development and evaluation of a needs assessment within specified census tracts. The mission of Belmont Community Health Center is to increase access to high quality, comprehensive and preventative healthcare that is needed to improve the health status of the underserved and vulnerable residents of Southeast Roanoke.

Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission – Bridge Build Project. The Greenway Commission will use the $30,000 RWF grant for construction of a bridge for Roanoke River Greenway in Green Hill Park. Engineering for the trail revealed the necessity for a bridge across a creek, due to flooding and road right-of-way issues. The Greenway Commission has already received funding for half of the bridge cost and will use the bridge construction as a launching pad for a campaign to finish the Roanoke River Greenway in five years. The” Bridge Build” will be an occasion for volunteers and sponsors to finish a component of the greenway in one day. The bridge day is one to prove the power of partnership, utilize volunteers, solicit future help and corporate support, encourage elected officials to pursue right-of-way acquisition and funding, and launch construction to complete the 26-mile project.

Craig County Rural Health Care Corporation – A $40,000 RWF grant will be used as start up costs for the purchase of computers and diagnostic testing equipment for a new health care facility in Craig County. With no regular primary health care in Craig County, citizens must travel at least 35 miles for services. The County is designated as a Health Professional Shortage Area and a Medically Underserved Area by the Virginia Department of Health. The goal is to open a Federally Qualified Community Health Center in New Castle in 2007. Craig County disease rates for heart disease and diabetes are higher than the overall rates in Virginia. This kind of chronic disease is often due to a lack of primary care and of early detection through cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure screenings. The RWF funded equipment will be vital to the success of the new clinic.

Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank, Inc. – A $50,000 RWF grant will be used to purchase a refrigerated box truck for pick up of food, including fresh product, dairy products, deli produce and other fresh items from donors that would be delivered to agencies serving needy children throughout the Roanoke and New River Valleys and surrounding counties. The new truck will be used to replace an older, smaller, second-hand truck. The fresh items will be delivered to multiple Kids Café sites and other food programs in the City of Roanoke and surrounding areas. During last fiscal year, the Second Harvest Food Bank served a total of 202,635 meals/snacks to 24,124 children in the Roanoke branch Kids Cafes. The refrigerated truck will enable Second Harvest to continue its mission of helping to feed lower-income children more economically and efficiently.

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